Cattle Breed Coasters

Cattle Breed Coasters
Great for farmhouse kitchens and cattle lovers, our coasters are available in a mixture of popular breeds. Coasters are made by a process called sublimation which involves printing the image and then transferring it onto the coaster at 200 degrees. They are very durable and heat resistant and have a smooth wood backing.

We make them in Yorkshire, England and cattle were photographed all over the UK and Europe.  Coasters are approximately 90mm square with rounded edges and come packed in a Kraft card presentation box.

Choose from sets of four or six matching coasters, sets of six of one of each, or sets of our four most popular designs.  It isn't possible to choose a bespoke set at the moment but if you would like a different mixture in your set just drop us a message and we will sort it out for you.
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Weight: 1kg