Close Up Cow Highland Cow Large Canvas Print

Close Up Cow Highland Cow Large Canvas Print

The Highland calf on this giant canvas print was following me round looking for attention. At one point he had his nose up against the camera lens, hence the close up image! Available in two large, lightweight, canvas print sizes he makes an impact on any room.

Some of our images look especially good as bigger prints, and these are really big! For that big empty wall or chimney breast these are a great focal, and talking, point. 

Canvas prints are printed edge to edge and a small part of the picture is folded over the edge too. They are mounted on a solid wood frame, which is about 2cm deep. Mostly sent out direct from our canvas suppliers, although we do keep a few in stock, they have about a week turnaround time from ordering.

Postage is free within the UK, please add to basket for delivery charges in other countries. If you are in the USA or Australia we may be able to arrange delivery from an overseas producer, please message us for help.

The special budget price canvases are available at this price for limited times and the offer may vary depending on the price we pay from our suppliers.

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