Donkey Coasters

Donkey Coasters
Our donkey coasters feature a choice of four different donkey designs. Photographed in the New Forest in Hampshire, donkeys roam free here and it's a favourite place to photograph them in lots of different environments.

Coasters are made by a process called sublimation which involves printing the image and then transferring it onto the coaster at 200 degrees. They are very durable and heat resistant and have a smooth wood backing. They are approximately 90mm square with rounded edges and sets of four come packed in a Kraft card presentation box. They can also be bought individually without a box.

Choose from sets of four matching coasters, or a mixed set of four, one of each.

It isn't possible to choose a bespoke set at the moment but if you would like a different mixture in your set just drop us a message and we will sort it out for you.
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Weight: 2.1kg