Drinking Giraffe Print

Drinking Giraffe Print

Giraffe drinking in Kruger National Park

I find Giraffes endlessly fascinating. Huge and ponderous, they most closely resemble how Dinosaurs must have looked, marching slowly across the Savannah-although they can also move remarkably fast if need be. Being so tall they often look slightly bemused at the goings on below them, not entirely sure what is going on so far below! They aren't very good at drinking either, the need to splay their legs widely to reach water makes them look very ungainly, and also means that they approach very warily, checking for predators before getting into such a vulnerable position.

The giraffes in this collection were taken in the Kruger National Park in South Africa and Etosha in northern Namibia.

Prints are available in three sizes either unframed or framed in a black or oak effect frame. For more print information click here

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