Sparring- African Elephant Print

Sparring- African Elephant Print

African Elephants play fighting print taken in Etosha National Park Nambia.

There is definitely something about Elephants. They are eternally interesting to watch, with their complex family relationships and amazing behaviour. The images in this collection are from two very different places. Etosha in Namibia is barren saltpan and white dust and animals are best photographed where they gather around waterholes in the dry season. The Kruger National Park in South Africa has lots of vegetation and the environment and light is very different. It is also famous for having some of the largest bull Elephants in the world....sometimes a little daunting when you meet them on narrow roads!  These two youngsters were play fighting beside the herd at an Etosha waterhole.

This print is available in three sizes and two different frames. For a bit more information about how our mounted prints are made and your framing options just click here.

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