Wild Horses of the Namib Photo Print

Wild Horses of the Namib Photo Print

Wild horses of the Namib - Wild horses in the desert in Namibia Photographic Print.

The wild horses of the Namib desert are an enigma. They are widely thought to be descended from 
horses left behind by Boer troops during the German occupation of Namibia, and also partially from 
the stud of a German baron who built an eccentric European castle in the Namibian desert. The
Baron perished during WW1 and over 300 horses were set free. Other theories have the horses descended
from thoroughbreds lost in a shipwreck near the mouth of the Orange River, some 200km to the south.
Whatever their heritage, the horses have lived wild in the desert for some 90 years, and, whilst 
perfectly adapted to their desert environment, they retain the high spirits and well bred appearance
of their ancestors.

A Namib wild horse trust helps care for and provide water for the horses and has set up a relief
fund. More information can be found at www.wild-horses-namibia.com. Arriving close to their water source in the dark one morning paid off with this image of a herd coming down to drink.

This print is part of a series of images from my Horse Stories Wild Horse Project-Read about the project here.

The print is available in three sizes and two different frames. For a bit more information about how our mounted prints are made and your framing options just click here.
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